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Mycotoxin Testing, Test For Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, and Tricothecene

Mycotoxins and Mycotoxin Testing in the Human  Body

Mycotoxins are toxins produced by mold/fungi. They are called secondary metabolites, as they are not a living organisms, but poisons with various properties. The sole purpose of a mycotoxin is to destroy other cells, disrupt their metabolic properties, destroy their DNA, and eventually kill them off.

Once exposed to mycotoxins they may stay in the human body for years. There are three basic types of mycotoxins:

1. Aflatoxin

2. Ochratoxin

3. Tricothecenes

Of the three groups Tricothecenes are the most toxic and may cause oxidative stress.Tricothecenes are produced by many common species of mold/fungi such as Aspergillus sp. Penicillium sp. Fursarium sp. Stachybotrys sp. etc...Mycotoxins can be inhaled or ingested.

Tricothecenes can produce multiple symptoms in the human body such as:




Skin rash

Drop in white blood cell count

Conact dermatitis

Degeneration of lungs


Cellular damage to bone, spleen, intestines, thymus

Cause weight loss or weight gain

Memory loss

And many other symptoms

If you feel you have been exposed to a mold contaminated environment and

have been removed from the environment and are still not getting well, there is a high probability you have mycotoxin poisoning.

See your attending physician for diagnosis and treatment for any medical condition.

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